Synod Guidelines – October 2022

We have had a number of calls at synod office on what the current synod advice might be on the current state of the pandemic. I am thankful that Pastor Ali has provided the following message to share with our faith communities:

The current state of the pandemic with effective vaccines and widespread vaccination has allowed a new normal to increasingly emerge where physical distancing and face masks have become more and more optional. Measures such as hand sanitizing continue to be effective in reducing infections and are strongly encouraged. Variant-specific vaccines are now available for increased protection. Safe public gatherings are taking place across the country, and it has been a while since the last declared public gathering-related outbreak.  

As a result of this progress, faith communities are encouraged to meet in person with measures such as hand sanitization and making facemasks available for those who may need them. Everyone is encouraged to be vaccinated against COVID and to get the applicable boosters.  

Rev. Dr. Ali Tote.


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