On the launch of the website

About the Website:

Finally the website is up! The majority of the site came together quickly, the last 25 percent took longer than I had expected. A few notes about the site

Design: We have set out to design the site to be “public facing” so that someone wanting to find something out about our faith community might find something here. We have also set out to design the site to give ready access internally to faith communities and faith community leaders seeking information, forms etc.

Feedback: Please let us know

  • if we have any errors or omissions on the pages
  • if there is something that needs inclusion.
  • if something on the site isn’t working smoothly.

Thank you: Many thanks to Kathy Haugen for hours (and hours and hours) of volunteer work acting as our “production manager.” And to Lee Robertson for handling the technical work behind the scenes. And to Cindy Hoppe for allowing us to use pictures of her fabric art for the front page.




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