Synod council

Synod Council is the governing body of the synod. Council leads the synod in accordance with the constitution, the bylaws and resolutions of the synod in convention. Synod Council normally meets for two day sessions two times a year and normally meets by teleconference twice a year. Synod Council has developed a Governance Manual in order to focus council on the governance of the synod while delegating day to day management to the direction of the bishop’s office.

Synod council minutes are available on the Synod council meeting minutes link on the Resource Directory page.


Each council member is elected by Synod Convention

  • Two officers are elected by the Convention directly: the secretary of the synod and the synod treasurer.
  • Twelve members: A lay and clergy representative are elected by the Convention from each of the six geographic conferences of the Synod.
  • The Chair of council is elected by the council from its own membership.
  • The Bishop, elected by the Convention, is a member of Synod Council ex officio, and is the chief executive officer of the synod.

Current membership


Left to Right Starting at Top: Merv Bender, Rev. Sean Bell, Arlene Tangjerd, Rev. Dr. Ali Tote, Rev. Doug Schmirler, Tami Halvorson, Rev. Stewart Miller, Bishop Sid Haugen, Rev. Sheldon Gattinger, Val Davies, Cheryl Bauer Hyde, Lyndon Carlson

Bishop: Rev. Dr. Sid Haugen [email protected]

Chairperson: Rev. Sheldon Gattinger [email protected]

Vice-chair: Valerie Davies [email protected]

Secretary: Cheryl Bauer Hyde [email protected]

Treasurer: Lyndon Carlson [email protected] 

Regina Conference
Rostered: Rev. Sean Bell [email protected]

Swift Current Conference
Rostered: vacant
Lay: Tami Halvorson [email protected]

Yorkton Conference
Rostered: Rev. Doug Schmirler
Lay: Arlene Tangjerd [email protected]

Saskatoon Conference
Rostered: Rev. Ali Tote [email protected]
Lay: vacant

Prince Albert Conference
Lay: Merv Bender [email protected]

Weyburn Conference
Rostered: Rev. Stewart Miller [email protected]
Lay: Joan Lenz [email protected]

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