For the liturgical year

The synod presents the following inspirational/educational materials for use in particular seasons of the church year.


Advent Devotions

Former Saskatchewan Synod Bishop Telmor Sartison offered to the synod the following resource for Advent Devotions. Advent Devotions by Bishop Telmor Sartison





Photograph by David Solheim

A Lenten Series: Making Peace with the Land: God’s Call to Reconcile with Creation.

Lent is a time to reflect, to repent, and to be reconciled. What can be more timely and important than for us to reflect on our relationship with the land, from which all of us, who eat, live? In a paraphrase of I John 4:20, we can say “ How can anyone who does not love all of creation which we see and touch and taste, claim to love the Creator whom we do not see?”  Put another way: How can we say we love God the Creator, if we are not actively involved in the healing and care for land, air, water, and human communities? Christianity is all about the survival of creation. Its central themes are creation, our disconnection from the Creator and creation, and the good news of recreation or reconciliation with the Creator and creation.

Fred Bahnson, a farmer and theologian, and Norman Wirzba, professor of theology and ecology at Duke Divinity School, have written a book that can be the basis for a Lenten Series, a series in Adult Forums, a book club, young adult group, student group, etc.: Making Peace with the Land: God’s Call to Reconcile with Creation (Intervarsity Press, 2012). It is available in print, or as an eBook complete with a study guide. They have also provided Sask Synod with a pdf copy for use in our faith communities (Lenten Study 2015 – PDF 40 pages) .

Brita Park from Faith and Society in the B.C. Synod of the ELCIC, has prepared a Lenten study guide: highlighting the key biblical texts, summarizing key points of each chapter, and suggesting questions and actions for the groups.  She has also given recommended Hymns and Prayers. The study guide will be on the B.C. synod webpage as a pdf file, and possibly on other synod webpages as well. It can also be found at If you have difficulty finding the study guide, contact me at [email protected]

Dittmar Mundel
Augustana Campus, University of Alberta

Ordinary time

Reformation Challenge: Unity in Diversity by Rev. Dr. Gordon Jensen

Dr. Jensen’s presentations at the North and South Regional Gatherings, Fall 2016 can be read online at the following link: Reformation Challenges Unity in Diversity



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