Committees and Ministry teams

Synod Council committees and Bishop’s ministry teams support the work of our Synod.

Synod Council Committees

Synod Council Committees assist the Synod Council with governance and are responsible to Synod Council.

Standing Committees

Standing Committees are mandated by Synod Bylaws. The Synod has four Standing Committees. (Synod Bylaws, Part X).

Western Synods Examining Committee

  • examines candidates for ordained and diaconal ministry. The Western Synods Examining Committee serves the Synods of British Columbia, Alberta and the Territories, Saskatchewan and Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario.
  • A Synod Examining Committee meets to examine candidates when the Western Synods Examining Committee is not meeting.

Candidacy Committee

  • reviews applications and endorses incoming candidates for ordained and diaconal ministry.
  • reviews applications to the Synod roster.
  • provides mentorship for candidates throughout their candidacy process.

Mission in Ministry Committee

  • provides direction and leadership for mission initiatives in the synod.
  • supports new and continuing mission initiatives in congregations and specialized ministries.
  • receives and reviews applications from Saskatchewan Synod congregations and ministries for CECF Mission initiative funding and makes recommendations to Synod Council for CECF fund disbursement.
  • PDF version of presentation here.

Committee for Lutheran Campus Ministry – Saskatoon

  • creates and nurtures a Christian community focused primarily within the University of Saskatchewan campus.
  • manages the Lutheran Campus Centre properties in Saskatoon.

Committees of Synod Council

Committees of Synod council are formed by the decision of Synod council.

Officers’ Committee

  • composed of the synod officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Bishop.
  • assists the Synod Council in the execution of their responsibilities and is available to provide counsel to the Bishop.

Finance and Audit Committee

  • supports the Synod Council in all financial matters.
  • reviews and recommends the budget for Synod Council.
  • reviews and recommends the auditor’s report for Synod Council

Governance Committee

  • reviews and recommends to Synod Council amendments to the Synod Constitution and Bylaws, the Governance Manual and Synod policies.

Rostered Ministers Compensation Review Committee

  • annually recommends to Synod Council compensation guidelines to be used by congregations and agencies within the Synod to remunerate rostered ministers.

Congregational Constitution Review Committee

  • receives requests from congregations to review their congregational constitution, consults with congregations regarding any changes the congregation wishes to make, and recommends to Synod Council approval of amendments to congregational constitutions.

Convention Planning Task Force

  • develops a format for the Synod Council report to the convention, recommends to Synod Council the schedule of convention including length, dates, locations and facilities.

Funding Allocation Committee

  • recommends criteria to Synod Council for the allocation of designated funds to approved applicants.
  • promotes awareness throughout the synod of designated synod accounts available for project funding.
  • receives, reviews and recommends applications to Synod Council for project funding according to the criteria approved. The funds that the Committee oversees includes: Compassionate Justice Funds, Circle of Life Aboriginal Ministry Funds, Rural Internship Funds, and the Youth Ministry Fund.

Investment Management Committee

  • oversees and directs the investment funds owned or held in trust by Saskatchewan Synod, as authorized by the Constitution and Bylaws.
  • regularly reviews the Investment Policy Guidelines.

Bishop’s ministry teams

Ministry teams are appointed  by  and responsible to the Bishop.

Youth and Young Adult ministry team (YYAM)

  • initiates and maintains linkages with youth and young adult ministry at the national and synodical level.
  • works with Sask Synod congregations in support off youth and young adult ministry.
  • facilitates and plans for travel and participation in CLAY.

Global Mission ministry team

  • initiates and maintains linkages with global mission.
  • reviews and recommends agreements with approved global mission companions.
  • works with Saskatchewan Synod congregations in support of global mission.
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