Synod convention

The Saskatchewan Synod Convention is the highest legislative authority within the Synod.

Plenary session – 2018 Synod Convention Photo by David Solheim

Convention is democratic and participative.

Representation: The Convention is made up of delegates from each congregation and  the rostered ministers in the synod.

Free Speech: The Convention is governed by Bourinot’s Rules of Order which sets out to encourage free expression of opinion in the context of fair play and respect.

Elections: Convention prayerfully votes to elect synod leadership: electing its own bishop and the members of its synod council.
Election of a Synod Bishop

Closing worship – 2018 Synod convention

Convention is prayerful.

  • Convention meets calling on the Spirit to guide our deliberations and our decisions.
  • Convention sets aside time for worship and for Bible study.

Convention is grounded by its constitution and bylaws

  • The Constitution defines who we are as Synod, and the Bylaws give broad definition to what we do as a synod.

Convention is the forum for handling the business of the church in a transparent manner.

  • Convention examines the financial decisions of the synod
  • Convention receives the reports of the bishop’s office, the synod council and the committees of the synod.

Convention meets every three years.

  • The last convention met virtually in June 4-5, 2021.  Details and pictures available for past conventions on the Sask Synod convention  page.
  • The next convention is scheduled for May 30-June 1, 2024 at Elim Church, Saskatoon . Sask Synod 2024 convention.
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