Synod team

Synod Convention elects the Bishop to serve as the chief executive officer of the synod and as the synod’s lead pastor. Bishop has acted to address these two roles through two teams: the Bishop’s Administrative Team and the Bishop’s Pastoral Team. Saskatchewan Synod Office is the hub for both teams and is located at #6-2220 Northridge Drive, Saskatoon.

Synod office hours: 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

Synod office main phone: 306-244-2474

Synod office general email: [email protected]

Bishop: Rev Dr Sid Haugen

Assistant to the Bishop: Rev Dr Ali Tote

Executive Assistant: Judy Parker

Office Manager: Anna-Marie Skogsrud

Finance Manager: Monica Johnson







Bishop’s Pastoral Team

The Bishop’s Pastoral Team is the Bishop’s team ‘on the ground’ carrying out pastoral ministry to the synod at the local level.

The Bishop’s Pastoral Team serves in a pastoral role for the synod:

  • Listening: Visiting rostered ministers and congregations and ministries with conversations centering on listening to how things are going in the mission of the congregation or ministry and how things are going in the life of the rostered minister. Conversations set out to gain a sense of the strengths and challenges of ministry ‘on the ground’ of the synod.
  • Discerning: The pastoral team, in the course of conversations with congregations, ministries and rostered ministers, explores where God may be leading the congregation, ministry, or rostered minister in the future. Conversations about the possibility of shared ministry and the development of lay ministry are also anticipated. The pastoral team also engages in conversations about the resources available through the synod and about the needs of the synod.

How do congregations/ministries/rostered ministers make contact with the pastoral team?

While the pastoral team does initiate contact with congregations, ministries and rostered ministers, the team responds to invitations as a first priority. Invitations to the Bishop’s Pastoral Team can happen in a number of ways:

  • Bishop’s Visit: If your congregation or ministry is interested in a Visit from the Bishop or the Assistant to the Bishop, contact synod office by phone and leave a request, or contact the bishop or assistant directly by email. The bishop/assistant to the bishop would normally preach and preside as requested. Normally, the local rostered leader is also present for the Visit.
  • Meeting with Leadership:  If your congregation or ministry leadership is interested in a meeting with the Bishop or Assistant to the Bishop, contact synod office by phone or email the Bishop or the Assistant to the Bishop directly.
  • Pastoral Visit with a Rostered Minister: Rostered ministers are invited to call or email the Bishop or the Assistant to the Bishop directly for support and counsel.

Bishop Sid Haugen: [email protected]

Rev. Dr. Ali Tote, Assistant to the Bishop: [email protected]

Bishop’s Administrative Team

The Bishop’s Administrative Team is the Bishop’s team at synod office charged with the day-to-day management of the Synod (within the boundaries of the synod constitution and bylaws, the resolutions of the Convention, and the policy and budgetary direction of Synod Council). The administrative office is located in Saskatoon. The administrative team includes staff positions: Bishop, Executive assistant Judy Parker; Office manager Anna-Marie Skogsrud; and Finance manager Monica Johnson. The Administrative team staff consists of the equivalent of 1.5 full time positions in support of the Bishop as synod CEO. The Administration also contracts with Canada Lutheran editor Anno Bell, Lay Ministry Program Coordinator Rev. Dr. Ann Salmon and Synod archivist (volunteer agreement) Rev. Michael Diegel.

Bishop Sid Haugen: [email protected]

Anna-Marie Skogsrud, Office Manager: [email protected]

Judy Parker, Executive Assistant: [email protected]

Monica Johnson, Financial Manager: [email protected]

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