ELCIC National Convention

The convention of the ELCIC took place in Winnipeg in July of 2017. Reporting on the convention to congregations and ministries has changed with the 2015 ELCIC convention changes to the Constitution and Administrative bylaws. With the 2015 changes, the convention shifted from being a quite large gathering with each congregation in the ELCIC potentially represented along with a similarly large number of rostered ministers representing conferences to a smaller sized gathering made up of lay and rostered delegates elected by and representing the five synods of this church.

The changes meant that Sasksynod needed to find a way for Sasksynod delegates to report to the congregations and rostered ministers of the synod. Delegates met with synod office before the convention to discuss ways to give the synod congregations and rostered ministers both a report on the business of the convention as well as a more personal report on the experience of the convention. Delegates decided to prepare a written report of business and a video presentation on their experience of the convention.

Congregations and ministries are encouraged to make the written reports and video available to the membership and to show the video to congregational gatherings.

ELCIC Convention Report to Sk Synod Congregations

Delegate Reports about the ELCIC Convention

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