Report from Youth Delegate to National Convention 2015

National Convention was a few months ago, but I wanted to share with you parts of the report submitted by Kai Graupe from North Battleford. He attended the convention as the Saskatchewan Synod’s youth delegate.  Here are some things he had to say about that experience!

“The most memorable experience for me was visiting with the other youth delegates during the evenings. This was the most memorable part for me because I was able to connect with people from all across Canada and create long lasting relationships.
The most inspirational experience at the convention for me were the worship services. I especially enjoyed the closing worship because although I almost died of heat stroke, the service was filled with joy. It was clear to me that every one there was enthusiastic to worship together with one another.”


Procession at Closing Worship in Edmonton

“I learned that my home congregation is a part of a bigger organization. I learned that the individual congregations are all a part of synods, which represent different parts of the country, and that the synods together form the national church. I also learned that no matter where you are from in Canada, that congregations can be dealing with similar issues.”

“I would highly recommend to others with the opportunity to attend a church convention to seize the opportunity. Although some of the reports weren’t the most fun to sit through, other reports and motions were interesting to learn about and helped me have a better understanding of what our church is about. I especially encourage others who are interested to have a better understanding of what our church has been doing, and what our church is planning for the future. It’s a fun experience and you are able to create long lasting relationships with others from several different synods across

Big THANK YOU to Kai for representing the Sask Synod in Edmonton this past July at Convention.  Although the next National Convention won’t be for a couple years, this June our Synod will gather for Convention.  The Synod Convention is set to take place at Circle Drive Alliance Church in Saskatoon from June 3 – 5, 2016.  Each conference can send 2 youth delegates to Convention.  If you are a youth, consider being involved in the life of the church through being a delegate – and if you are an adult, think about who you can encourage to come as a youth delegate!


Youth delegates at the last Synod Convention. Kai is in the back row, in the middle.

Gretchen Peterson, Synod Youth Ministry Coordinator

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