Pulpit supply

Congregations seeking ‘pulpit supply’ normally secure pulpit supply from the Synod’s Pulpit supply list or appoint from within their membership individuals who serve as Congregational worship leaders. Due to increasing need for pulpit supply and growing travel expenses synod council has approved expansion of the synod pulpit supply list to also include clergy or lay worship leaders who have met synod guidelines and have been approved by the bishop.

Worship leaders wishing to be included on this Pulpit supply list, refer to the Sask Synod pulpit supply policy for process details.

Sacraments are provided only by ELCIC or ACC rostered pastors, or as provided in the Synod pulpit supply policy by temporary license through the Sask synod bishop.

Compensation guidelines for pulpit supply are reviewed annually

Guidelines apply to rostered ministers, but also provide possible compensation amount for other approved leaders on the Synod pulpit supply list.

Please use the search below to locate pulpit supply.  You can search by name, location or category.

Armistead  Rev. FrankRostered PastorRegina306-526-7712
Baker Rev. ColetteRostered PastorLanigan306-263-3739
Blakley Rev. CarlaRostered PastorRegina204-230-1323
Buck Rev. Dr. ErwinRostered PastorSaskatoon306-249-2167
Cherland Rev. RikRostered PastorYorkton306-782-4337
Danielson Deacon EldonRostered DeaconBirch Hills306-749-3106
Diegel Rev. MichaelRostered PastorSaskatoon306-244-4949
Ehlert, Rev. BruceRostered PastorSaskatoon780-862-5876
Farmer Rev. HughRostered PastorSaskatoon306-374-3942
Fowlie-Neufeld Rev. GregoryRostered PastorSaskatoon306-374-1726, 306-380-4130
Greifenhagen Rev. Dr. VolkerRostered PastorRegina306-206-2109
Haugen Rev. DanRostered PastorPrince Albert306-764-1952, 306-960-9686
Hirschfield, HollyStudentRegina780-686-1148
Jerry, Rev. Dr. Marc (Luther College)Rostered PastorRegina306-791-9155 (High School), 306-206-2121 (University)
Jensen Rev. DavidRostered PastorShell Lake306-883-8317
Jespersen Rev. JoanRostered PastorStar City306-547-3376
Johnson Rev. CarlyleRostered PastorYorkton306-740-8808, 306-621-2414
Kaiser, Rev. DavidRostered PastorRegina306-565-8581
Kostyna, Rev. JanetRostered PastorInglis, MB204-821-6379
Langdon Rev. BobRostered PastorMoose Jaw306-693-2669
Molder Rev. BoydRostered PastorRegina306-949-8625
Neumann Rev. Dr. KenRostered PastorSaskatoon306-652-4265
Prouten, Kevin (Not yet ordained)DeaconMoose Jaw306-631-2780
Salmon, Rev. AnnRostered PastorSaskatoon780-280-0875
Sherwin, Rev. KimRostered PastorYorkton306-728-9676
Schmirler, Rev. DougRostered PastorDavidson306-730-6979
Soveran Rev. KristinRostered PastorSaskatoon306-361-8545
Stobbs Rev. MarilynRostered PastorWatrous306-946-3610
Uitti Rev. Dr. RogerRostered PastorSaskatoon306-373-8959
Werner, Rev. CindyRostered PastorNeudorf306-580-3885

List updated on Oct. 22, 2020

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