Recruiting rostered leaders

Question: Where does the church find pastors and diaconal ministers?
Answer: In congregations—in small-sized, middle-sized and large-sized faith communities just like yours. It’s Your Call!
It works like this. God calls leaders right from the midst of our faith communities. You can see these emerging leaders if you happen to look through the windows of the church one Sunday morning, or perhaps you will see one looking back at you in the mirror.
Bishop Sid

It’s Your Call is a recruitment program aimed at encouraging members of our faith communities to consider a vocation as an ordained or diaconal minister.

Documents and resources for engaging in the program are included below.

  1. Letter from Bishop Sid Haugen introducing the program.
  2. Power point presentation explaining the program. Use this for you own information or to share the program with others.
  3. Ministry Brochure that helps to define ministry and explain the candidacy process.
  4. Sample bulletin and Newsletter announcements  to use to help promote It’s Your Call.
  5. Suggestion form and Interview form that you may use to help you identify and interview potential candidates.

For more information, contact us at [email protected]

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