Synod council meeting notes-Jan 28-29, 2020

SK Synod Council met at Luther College, University of Regina, to continue work on the 5 year Strategic Plan.  This work began in the October 2019 and was expanded on at this meeting adding tasks and timelines.  It will be further refined and brought forward to the next Synod Council meeting, March 27 – 28 in Saskatoon.

The 2020 – 2025 Strategic Plan has 2 Strategic Priorities:  Expand Leadership Capacity and Courageous Innovation.  Bishop Sid used the analogy of human life.  We start out small, expand as our family grows, change our lifestyle and our housing footprint as our lives continue, and the cycle repeats.  It is difficult to remind ourselves that this is natural when our world has bought into the Growth Economy.  Anything other than growth looks like defeat.  Spirited discussion revolved around what is doable and necessary for our church going forward.

News that Bishop Sid shared:  Luther High School and College will be saying goodbye to retiring President Bryan Hillis and welcoming Reverend Marc Jerry as the new President, July 1.

As part of the Saskatoon Theological Union, Lutheran Theological Seminary (LTS) will relocate in true ecumenical union with the College of Emmanuel and St. Chad and St. Andrews College into adjacent spaces within the current St. Andrews College property on the University of Saskatchewan campus.  The announcement of this decision states: ‘The move will enable the three colleges to cooperate more closely.  More shared classes are likely. We envision greater interaction among faculty, staff, and students, both formally and informally.  Greater resource-sharing will be possible. Together, we will be stronger and more efficient.’

Presently, no decision has been made about the Seminary building owned by LTS on land leased from the University of Saskatchewan.  The Synod Office is pursuing options for new space with plans to move into accessible space at similar cost later this spring/summer.

Plans are being made for regional gatherings in late April/early May with a focus on administrative matters.  Bishop Sid was a guest at a Roman Catholic meeting where there was education aimed to support local church administration as well as inspiring clergy and members.

A question about news on call acceptance was fielded by Bishop Sid.  Changes to roster, acceptance of call, congregations seeking pastors are more in flux these days.  Informing the Synod office when there is a change may have considerable delay just because it is assumed the Synod knows.  Congregations are doing a lot of discernment around their capacity.  A rostered leader may leave or retire but that doesn’t mean that the congregation is immediately in a call process and the Synod doesn’t report on discernment.

Synod Council News:  Lyndon Carlson, Treasurer, plans to resign, and we are looking to replace his position on Synod Council.  Several names were brought forward and will be contacted.  We would welcome anyone who feels moved to do this work for the Synod and would encourage you to contact the Secretary, Cheryl Bauer Hyde, or Bishop Sid Haugen if you are able to do this.  The term expires at the Synod Convention in June 2021 but Synod Council would appoint a replacement until that time.

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