Roster changes


Our rostered ministers are beloved in our synod. We hold them in our prayers as they listen and move to God’s call among us. The following are recent changes to those on the Sask. Synod (ELCIC) roster.

Calls issued in the past 12 months

Rev. Michael Diegel called to Chaplain, Regional Psychiatric Centre

Rev. Ron Bestvater called to Zion, Saskatoon

Rev. Fran Schmidt called to Messiah, Prince Albert

Rev. Cindy Werner called to Christ, Neudorf and Trinity, Lemberg

Rev. Carlton Larsen called to St. John, Strasbourg and Noronna, Bulyea

Rev. Íris Kristjánsdóttir called to LutherCare Communities, Saskatoon

Rev. Trent Felstrom called to  Redeemer Lutheran, Saskatoon

Interim positions

*These are time limited positions contracted by church councils and authorized by the bishop (normally filled by those on the roster of the ELCIC).

Rev. Michael Diegel serving as interim Chaplain, LuMinHos, Saskatoon

Rev. Doug Shepherd serving as interim pastor at Central, Moose Jaw

Rev. Gary Schenk serving as interim at Carrot River, Fairy Glen and Beaver Creek, Ratner

Rev. Hugh Farmer serving as vice pastor at Zion, Rose Valley; Nut Lake; and Bethany, Archerwill, SK

Rev. Melissa Brooks serving as vice pastor at Radisson/Langham, SK

Rev. Munye Mtate serving as interim pastor at Good Shepherd, SK

Updated: November 19, 2019

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