Leadership Conference


Fall Leadership Conference for Rostered Ministers

When we gather for Fall Leadership, we each come with different needs—and sometimes different for each of us on any given year. The frame of the leadership conference is shaped by the bishop’s office to specifically make room for the following needs.

Time to be community

We spend our lives in deep care for a community. We are the faith leaders in communities we serve. We need to be in a community where we are not the faith leaders with a duty to tend a people.

At Fall leadership there is opportunity for us to be community together, a faith community together. There is opportunity to engage in conversations with colleagues about ministry. Colleagues we have known for a lifetime. Colleagues we may have not yet met. Fall Leadership is an opportunity to take time to talk and to listen with each other about ministry and life in all its complexity. But do remember that at Fall Leadership you are ‘off duty.’ Like those in our faith communities, this community is a place to speak and listen—but only as much as you are willing. On any given year, you may find yourself needing more time for refreshment than for community. Take part in Fall Leadership as you are led by the Spirit.

Time to refocus

We spend our lives in a network of relationships and tasks that sometimes possess us. It can be easy to lose sight of the big picture when we are constantly balancing expectations and duties.

We need time to refocus, to assess how our ministry is going for our faith community, and for ourselves.

Fall leadership is a time where our vison may be broadened in a number of ways. The Keynote speaker each year leads us into learning opportunities. In worship we are inspired. The Bishop’s hour provides a wider context for the ministry we are doing.

Time to refresh

40 plus sermons every year. Hospital visits at six in the morning. Meetings and phone calls into the late evening.

We need time when we can get away from the schedule and sleep in, go for a walk, read a book.

At fall leadership we are offered time to refresh. To put things down for a time. To unwind. You are invited to regard the entire fall leadership schedule as a collection of gifts offered. Accept them as you see fit. If you need to step away from anything—do what you need to do.

Fall leadership lives within this framework. It is not a time for doing synod business. It is not a time for committee work. It is not a time for program development. It is a time offered to the roster (and certain lay leadership by invitation) to be invited into community, to refocus, and to refresh.

Leadership Conferences: Upcoming and Past

Next Synod Leadership Conference: September 26-28, 2023 at Temple Gardens, Moose Jaw, SK.

See Leadership Conferences and Speakers for details.

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