Annual meetings during a Pandemic

Happy new year, everyone.

As annual meeting time approaches our congregations, church leadership across the synod is in the process of discerning how to conduct their annual meetings in pandemic times. It is particularly difficult task given the way the ‘world’ changes around us, and the way the Health Directives change responding to that world.

For some congregations, it may still be possible to meet in person following Health Directives. For others, a virtual meeting will be necessary. For others, a hybrid of face to face and virtual may be the chosen course. Many questions arise during that work, from what is constitutionally required to practical questions about how to handle a virtual AGM. Synod has compiled a document containing Guidelines for congregations holding virtual annual general meetings addressing these and other questions.

I realize AGM planning may be well underway in some congregations, and just getting going in others. Either way, whether you are early on or well into the planning process, I would encourage you to consult the following guidelines on the website as you plan your AGM during these challenging times.

Bishop Sid

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