Breaking News about Pandemic Response in our Faith Communities

Two pieces of news for our faith communities today. The first is simply a reminder of the changes to Health Directives for Step 1 in the provincial plan. The second piece feels almost too good to be true.

First the immediate news about Step 1 in the Provincial Roadmap. As of May 30, Step 1 in the Provincial plan does bring some openings to our faith communities.

  • Step 1 allows 30% of seating capacity or 150 people, whichever is less, at all INDOOR ceremonial gatherings.
  • We have learned on the Faith Leaders Working Group that Step 1 will allow 150 people in OUTDOOR public gatherings. This regulation applies to all public gatherings, not just faith groups.
  • Non-ceremonial (meetings, etc.) remain limited to 30 people indoors. However, outdoor non-ceremonial gatherings are permitted to gather up to 150 people.
  • Usual health directives, Washing, Distancing, Masking, etc. remain in place during Step 1.

Second, this radical breaking news. The Government announcement this week presented a very positive outlook for Step 3, that may begin as early as July 11–if current vaccination trends continue. If all goes well, faith communities will be dealing with no COVID Health Directives in Step 3. Synod is in the process of planning a Town Hall of Faith community leadership in the last week of June to have a conversation about how our faith communities will specifically engage this welcome, but radical change to our life together. 

Watch for the Town Hall announcement in coming email.



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