The street-corner preacher

I was walking in the downtown area of one of our cities recently. On a street-corner a little band of Christians were standing together. A speaker was standing on a make-shift “pulpit” with a microphone in hand, loudly proclaiming, “GOD IS ANGRY!” Beside him, one of the gathering carried a large placard that spelling in bold colorful letters, “God is Angry”. . .and under the title followed the list of things that God was angry at: Drugs, Alcohol, Liberalism, Evolution, Homosexuality, Divorce, Abortion. . .” Continue reading →

The Cracks

(Originally from Pastor Sid’s Weekly Blog). . . Last week I was chairing the meeting of our Saskatchewan Synod and in the somewhat arcane workings of the ecclesiastical ballot found myself elected Bishop. In a 24 hour period my life took an abrupt 180 degree turn–from the familiar world of the parish pastor to a world that is for the most part rather unknown to me. It was a wildly fast “call process” that felt like being “torn” out of the familiar and “thrust” into Continue reading →