Jesus in Blue Jeans

As I serve in the church of the 21st century, I have a special place in my heart for the Gospel according to Mark, the Gospel that is at the center of our vision this next Lectionary year. We live in a church with the walls “painted” by the telling, year after year, in word, in song, in fabric art—of the gospel of Jesus. Imagine along one wall of the church Matthew’s picture of a rabbinic Jesus who came to “build a church” to form Continue reading →

The street-corner preacher

I was walking in the downtown area of one of our cities recently. On a street-corner a little band of Christians were standing together. A speaker was standing on a make-shift “pulpit” with a microphone in hand, loudly proclaiming, “GOD IS ANGRY!” Beside him, one of the gathering carried a large placard that spelling in bold colorful letters, “God is Angry”. . .and under the title followed the list of things that God was angry at: Drugs, Alcohol, Liberalism, Evolution, Homosexuality, Divorce, Abortion. . .” Continue reading →

The Cracks

(Originally from Pastor Sid’s Weekly Blog). . . Last week I was chairing the meeting of our Saskatchewan Synod and in the somewhat arcane workings of the ecclesiastical ballot found myself elected Bishop. In a 24 hour period my life took an abrupt 180 degree turn–from the familiar world of the parish pastor to a world that is for the most part rather unknown to me. It was a wildly fast “call process” that felt like being “torn” out of the familiar and “thrust” into Continue reading →