Guidelines for places of Worship during the Pandemic- March 19, 2021

Provincial Health Directives for places of worship – March 19, 2021

Provincial Health Directives as of March 19, 2021 allow for faith communities to meet in worship with a limit of 1/3 of capacity (to a maximum of 150) while rigorously following Health Directives. With the COVID variants suddenly appearing in Regina last week, that Health Directive has been amended to restrict Regina faith communities to a hard cap of 30 participants. Synod supports provincial Health Directives as a non-negotiable basic standard for our faith communities. Full text of Provincial Health Directives for Places of Worship below:

Provincial Health Directives for Places of Worship


Sask Synod recommendations – March 19, 2021
Synod advises Faith communities in Regina and Saskatoon (and communities who have a majority of members whose work takes them regularly into the two cities) to continue with Virtual worship services at least until new Health Directives come out.

Synod advises Faith communities outside of the Saskatoon and Regina region either to continue with virtual service or to worship in person with a cap of 30 participants. A sudden influx of worshippers in these faith communities including family members from Regina and Saskatoon ‘coming home’ could bring Regina/Saskatoon COVID issues to other areas of our synod. For the same reason, Synod advises against supply ministers based in Regina and Saskatoon agreeing to travel to lead worship in other synod faith communities at this time.

See Bishop’s letter to Synod Leadership – March 19, 2021  for the background to recommendations.


Guiding Principles and Checklist for in-person Worship-March 19, 2021


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